Fred Hersch
Jazz Pianist & Composer


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Release Date


Record Label

Palmetto Records

Track Listing

1. Olha Maria/O Grande Amor
2. Caravan
3. Pastorale
4. Whirl
5. The Song Is You
6. In Walked Bud
7. Both Sides Now


Special thanks to: Wayne for the fine recording; Ryan and Mark for their amazing audio expertise; Robert and Magdalena for inviting me to perform at their wonderful venue; Missi and Robert for their unflagging support; Vadim Neselovskyi; Leo Genovese; Benoit Delbecq; Ann Braithwaite; Matthew Rodgers; and to Scott Morgan for always being there.

This CD is my tenth solo album to date – and of those ten, four have been live. And of those ten, three – including this disc – have been “found objects” – that is to say, they were not intentionally recorded for release. “Let Yourself Go: Fred Hersch at Jordan Hall and “Fred Hersch in Amsterdam: Live at the Bimhius” and this disc were intended as documentary recordings and then the discs handed to me shortly after the performance. On all of these albums, including the one you now hold, I feel that I was in “the zone”– a special place where everything is working – heart, mind and technique. There was no agenda to the evening other than playing a concert in a wonderful acoustic space on a great instrument. It is very difficult to capture that feeling in the studio, so when I listened back to this material, I knew I had something very rare – a first-class recording of a live performance where I felt I was completely “on”. I hope you will enjoy listening to this special night of piano music. -Fred Hersch, 2015