Fred Hersch
Jazz Pianist & Composer


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Three Character Studies

Concert Work


Details:  1. Nocturne for Left Hand Alone, 2. Little Spinning Song, 3. Study in Thirds and Sixths

Contents:  ”Three Character Studies’ are my first set of fully-notated piano pieces. They are studies in that each piece emphasizes a technical or pianistic element; they are ‘character’ studies because each one is inspired by someone I know. The ‘Nocturne for Left Hand Alone’ is for my longtime piano teacher, Sophia Rosoff; she has a special fondness for Rachmaninoff and Scriabin. ‘The Little Spinning Song’ is for fabric artist Penny Sisto. The ‘Study in Thirds and Sixths’ is for my cat, Spike; though he is now in the ‘great litterbox in the sky,’ this recalls his spirited and sneaky personality.’ – Fred Hersch, 2004